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How a Bill Becomes a Law in Connecticut

Poster Preview: How a Bill Becomes Law in Connecticut

Follow the path of a proposed bill through the process of becoming a law in the Connecticut General Assembly with this comprehensive flow chart. Students will learn about the actions that the legislature can take when considering legislation, the various levels of debate and voting, and the opportunities that citizens have to participate in the process. (order) (download as Adobe pdf)


The 3 Branches of Connecticut State Government
Poster Preview: The 3 Branches of Connecticut State Govrenment
Our 22" x 34" poster is a must-have for any library or social-studies classroom. The Three Branches of State Government offers at-a-glance the organization, offices, and personnel of all three branches of Connecticut state government. See who occupies the six Constitutional offices, and all seats in the House of Representatives and Senate. Learn which judges hold the highest seats in our court system. Also features a listing of executive branch agencies and legislative committee appointments. (order)  (download as Adobe pdf)

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How a Bill Becomes Law
How a Bill Becomes a Law in CT
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3 Branches of Govt.
The 3 Branches of Connecticut State Government
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