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CT-N Legislative Letter Writing Exercise

One of the simplest ways of helping your government make better and wiser decisions is to let your state leaders know how you feel about an issue that is important to you or about proposed legislation. Each or your state leaders now have their own web-page that contains their contact information. You can search for your legislators and leaders here: https://www.cga.ct.gov/asp/menu/cgafindleg.asp

This is a great writing exercise. You can print out the names of the representatives and senator from your district along with their address and distribute it to the class or have your students look them up.
Next, ask your students to choose an issue to write about. They should write their letter either supporting or opposing the issue and explain why citing examples of how the issue may impact their lives.
Review their letters and send them out. Use the school's return address so that you can monitor the responses and see their faces when you hand them a response letter. Have the students share it with the class.

Your class can choose an issue from a short list that you create or make it a homework assignment and let them research an issue that is important to them. There are several places to look for ideas and subject matter.

  1. Inside CT-N's Legislative Communications Center, you can click on the "Legislation" link which will list all of the current proposed bills that legislator is working on.

  2. You can visit our Media Links page for a listing of on-line newspapers and find a local issue.

  3. You can also click here for the most recent "Major Issues" report from the Office of Legislative Research highlighting the significant issues to come before the legislature.

Also, here are some helpful guides for your students:

  • Salutations page which shows examples of how to address the envelope and write the greeting

  • Sample legislative letter using proper business format (pdf)

  • Do's & don'ts of legislative letter writing (pdf)