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What is CT-N?
The Connecticut Network provides complete and balanced television and webcast coverage of all branches of Connecticut state government.  Since the network's launch in 1999, that definition has expanded to include coverage of politics and the electoral process, news briefings by a variety of government leaders, and non-government events that touch upon public policy issues or are otherwise in the public interest.  Our goal is to be the one information source that all of Connecticut turns to in matters of public policy.  CT-N is managed and operated by Connecticut Public Affairs Network, Inc., a not-for-profit company founded to educate citizens about state government.

What can I see on CT-N?
We offer a variety of programming dealing with public policy in Connecticut, which includes:

  • Gavel-to-gavel coverage of the State Senate and House of Representatives

  • Meetings and public hearings of legislative committees

  • Meetings and public hearings of executive branch departments and agencies

  • Oral arguments before the State Supreme Court

  • Live Office of Emergency Management briefings from the State Armory, in the event of a statewide emergency

  • Conventions, debates, and various other campaign events for statewide electoral races

  • Capitol News Briefings, featuring the Governor and other constitutional officers, legislative leadership, and other key state government leaders

  • Miscellaneous events that are public policy related or otherwise in the public interest

Much of what you see on CT-N is broadcast live; the rest has recently been recorded for rebroadcast and on-demand.  Our format is modeled after that of C-SPAN, which means that everything you see is shown uncut and unedited, with no on-air commentary, analysis, or editorial "spin". You can watch government proceedings exactly as they happened, and draw your own conclusions about issues and events.

How does CT-N's broadcast schedule work?
Covering state government proceedings makes for an unconventional broadcast day.  Some events only last a few minutes; others can run all day long.  Because we don't edit our coverage, what you see on CT-N doesn't usually fit into 30 or 60-minute program blocks like a conventional TV network.  And since we don't have the benefit of knowing how long a government proceeding will be until after it's over, we cannot assemble our program schedule too far in advance.  In order to provide our viewers with the widest variety of up-to-date programming, we set our programming schedule 24 hours in advance.  You can view our daily schedule here on the website at any time, and can also subscribe to receive it in your email daily.

How soon after recording does a program air on CT-N (or appear in video on-demand on
A lot of that depends on where the event occurred and how we covered it. Events that take place in the Legislative Office Building or within the House or Senate Chambers of the State Capitol may air live or within 24 hours of taping; that's because those locations are hard-wired to our control room. That allows us to add graphics, record an event to our video server, and even broadcast it as it's happening. Events in other locations must be recorded on video tape and returned to our control room for post-production before they can air. While we do our best to get this material on the air quickly, a busy legislative calendar can sometimes prevent us from doing post production right away. Most programs still air very soon after they've been recorded.

Aired events will also be made available as on-demand files on our website. Most on-demand events become available at within 24 hours after their first airing.

How is CT-N distributed?
CT-N is now available full time on cable television statewide. 
CT-N is also available on Frontier Communications and now you can watch CTN on Roku® (click here for details). You may also watch CT-N on your computer or mobile device at

I am a satellite TV subscriber - where can I watch CT-N?
Currently, CT-N is not yet available on satellite TV. You can help by calling your satellite provider and letting them know you want them to carry the Connecticut Network.
OR fill out our online petition to add your name to the growing list of satellite subscribers who want to watch CT-N on your TV. (Satellite subscribers may wish to watch CTN on Roku®)

Where can I find CT-N in my town?
Go to the CT-N on TV
link and click on the "Carriage by Town" area to find out the channel location and time availability.

Do other states have something like CT-N?
Yes, at least eighteen other states have some form of unedited coverage of government deliberations. (
California, Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.)

How is CT-N programming selected?
Our first priority is to offer gavel-to-gavel coverage of all sessions of the House of Representatives and State Senate: live whenever possible.  Our next programming priority includes coverage of all official meetings and hearings of the executive and legislative branches, as well as oral arguments before the state Supreme Court, Capitol News Briefings, and electoral process coverage. Miscellaneous public policy or public interest events will then be covered, crew and equipment availability permitting.  All events are researched and evaluated by our programming staff to determine their appropriateness for coverage by CT-N.

How is CT-N funded?
The Connecticut Network is funded entirely by the Connecticut General Assembly through the Office of Legislative Management.